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Welcome To The Playground

This is my first website so be kind. ^_^
Most of this site will be dedicated to ACE OF BASE but it will also have info about my screenplays and most likely little tidbits about my life.
Playgound Updates
-Saturday, February 1, 2003-
I've added two pages, each with a scene from SHIVER in them. Check them out!

-Sunday, December 22, 2002-
The playground opens! *crosses fingers*
Buy Ace of Base's New Album

DA CAPO has so far only been released in Europe. There are two versions of the album. The Mega-Edel version has a GOOD version of Hey Darling on it and the Polydor version has a bad one (okay, that's an opinion...but this is my site so shut up. ^_^).

You can buy the album on Ebay, Amazon, and tons of other places. It won't be too hard to find, I don't think.

Need To Contact Me?
Questions? Comments? Advise? Feel free to email me.