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Here is my new online comic-strip -- STRAWBRIDGE KIDS!
It's about me and my friends...survivors of a place known as Strawbridge.

That's the main-gang...

Michael is based off of me...duh.
Crystal is my bestfriend/soulmate/lesbian-lover...whatever. She doesn't live in Maryland, but I have her living here in the comic because...well...she's cool. ^_^
Chrissy is my other bestfriend/soulmate/ Okay, so, she's not a "lesbian"...but still. Oh, and I don't know why her pic here is so small. Damn it all to hell.
Amanda is my other bestfriend/soulmate/lesbian-lover...yes! This one's really a lesbian! She's my little nerdy witchy-poo too! ^_^
Dr. Roth
Dr. Roth is the hottest man on the planet. Yes he is. Yup! OH YES HE IS!!!